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June 18, 2015

Entrant Registration, Vehicle Inspection and Stickering at MotoXotica provided MotorMouth with a wonderful opportunity to renew friendships and to make first time introductions with 117 Great Race teams. It has been a busy day, both in terms of catching up and learning anew.!
MotoXotica was a hotbed of activity for sure. Our team of staff and volunteers put every vehicle through a thorough inspection and then “stickered” all competition vehicles and staff vehicles. My 2015 Jeep looks really cool…got some speccial treatment this year with stickers that identify my vehicle as the Announcer; just another nice touch by the organizers. What a great group the MotoXotica gang were! They were the perfect hosts…and what a great collection of classic and street rod vehicles for sale.

My learnings about Team Japan is continuing. What an impressive group with competition credentials which includes participation in the LeMans 24 Hours, Mille Mioglia, to a showbusiness/musician, to doctors…all with a love of vintage and classic cars. This is a large entourage with drivers, navigators and support crews.

This evening I learned to say, “Cheers” in Japanese; the easiest way is to say, “Kanpai” (sounds like gahn pie), meaning empty cup or bottoms up…and just in time!

This evening’s hosted dinner was at Grants Farm, the 281 acre ancestral home of the Busch Family of Budweiser Beer, complete with its Clydesdales, a tour of the farm, which is now a major attraction in the St. Louis area. It features over 900 animals that roam free, and a trubute to the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S Grant, who once farmed part of that property. Saying, “Kanpai” became necessary as I sampled various Budweiser beers. The Japanese caught on quickly with, “Cheers!

Tomorrow…a new day with new excitement. I can’t wait! What making your day exciting?

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