Time to Gear Up!

June 13, 2015

Four sleeps from departure to Kirkwood, MO!

As I focus upon the Hemmings MotorNews Great Race presented by Hagerty 2015, a rush of memories from previous events and venues comes to the fore. Looking at the map, I cherish memories of previous stops and welcome the opportunity to revisit so many great locations. It’s the notion of reconnecting that has me so excited, not only with rally teams and supporters, but with volunteers, competition staff, the Coker Connection, the venues…it’s all right ahead in a matter of days. It’s also the anticipation of meeting new tems, seeing exciting vehicles that are about to face the challenge for the first time. It’s the X Cup entries… It’s so many things!
It’s checking on Facebook to see who is posting what about the Great Race. It’s gearing up for VCRA’s Fighting Autism One Mile (1.61 kilometers… Canadian eh!) At a Time.
There are so many things to be excited about.
I’ll be flying to St. Louis on Wednesday.
My blog is up and running once again; hoping to write every evening once I get to Kirkwood, MO. Come along for the ride

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  • MoMo, I’ll be looking for your daily blogs! You have to carry the water for me, too, this year – as I won’t be there to challenge you in the daily Wax Poetic department. Sigh. But I’ll meet you all in Santa Monica!

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