The Excitement Builds

June 8, 2012

Today’s a preparation day…sitting at my computer, not five minutes away from the Hazledean Mall, Kanata, Ontario, site of our overnight stop on June 26th! There are so many things that the announcer needs to do to get ready for Great Race 2012. Unlike the teams preparing vehicles for the event, I’m preparing words… scripts, sponsor tags, reviewing frequently asked questions, reminding myself about the “nuts and bolts” of the event, reviewing former events, routes taken and champions crowned and most importantly, learning about the teams and vehicles entered in this year’s event.
What a line up it is…from Rookies to X-Cup, Sportsman, Expert and Grand Champion, all of the Great Racers have a story to tell. They range from young folks who are just begining their journey in the old car hobby to long time automobile collectors. My preparation involves learning their stories and like a ring master at a circus, telling those stories along the route from Traverse City, Michigan to Dearborn, Michigan, a total of 2,283 miles (3653 kilometers for Canadian readers) over nine days. I’ll get to do that at some 19 cities and towns along the way.
How cool is that?

One comment about “The Excitement Builds”

  • You are an important part of the event. It is such a thrill to hear you announce us as we enter into the cities. You always make fun and interesting comments about the cars/participants. You do an excellent job. Looking forward to seeing you next week. Thanks JeanAnn

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