Stage 8 Complete…1 to Go!

June 30, 2012

This has been yet another great day culminating with our night stop in Findlay, Ohio. With nervous trepidation we left our enthusiastic noon stop in Mansfield for a city that was ravaged last evening with a nasty mid west storm… trees down, buildings shaken, hydro knocked out. We knew that we had power because we carry generators. We knew that we were able to welcome the race teams. What we didn’t know was whether anyone would be there to greet us. It would have been easy to stay away, what with clean-up, no electricity, trees down… any one of a host of reasons. As I arrived on to Main Street I could see the crowds waiting… the Mayor, the County Commissioner and the State Senator all ready to greet us. I was blown away. City crews had managed to clean up the area where we were to be; still without power they made alternate arrangements to make sure Great Racers were fed and watered! Findlay really exemplified our motto, “To Finish is to Win”! Hats off to them! Hats off to all the car collectors and shine time car owners who were there. Thanks to the citizens for supporting our arrival.
And now, the focus turns to the final day, the Championship Run. Following a good night’s rest everyone will set their sites on the finish line… The Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan.
Stay with us right until the end! I love the final day events!

One comment about “Stage 8 Complete…1 to Go!”

  • Hello! My Dad & Mom (Bob & Jennie Mortimer) seen you guys in Findlay at the hotel you were staying at and really enjoyed talking to you guys! They talked to a couple that were from Lafayette (he was a mechanic for the race and she was a teacher!?) You guys really made their day! They said they could’ve talked to you guys all night! If the couple I mentioned wants to email me, [email protected], I’m sure my parents would really enjoy to keep in contact with you guys! (Congrats to everyone! 🙂

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