Safely Home

June 18, 2011

The quiet is deafening! After days of hoopla and excitement, of putting as much energy possible into every stop, both lunch and evening, today’s drive without urgency or pressure was enjoyable. I took the route almost back to Saratoga Springs, hopped onto the I-90 to Highway 12 into Watertown, NY. Just as I had unpacked the rental to turn it back in, my wife and travelling companion Dawn pulled in. I was quickly loaded and we were headed towards the Canadian border!
It has been a very quiet day. I was so frustrated at having lost my voice prior to last evening’s banquet. What an awesome banquet it was! I can’t remember a better finale meal. Corky was an awesome emcee!  The awards, the excitement of learning that the Fredette family was being honoured with the “Spirit of the Event” Award… made for an excellent evening.
Tonight…quietly at home reflecting upon the week that was!
I can’t wait to learn about Great Race 2012 and to learn if I will be a part of the next chapter…

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