MotorMouth Gets Ready

April 11, 2012

I’m starting to count the days… Great Race 2012! Just think, this year the route not only comes into Canada… the night stop at Kanata/Ottawa stops at the Hazledean Mall… a mere three minutes from MotorMouth’s home! No hotel for me that night! I can tell you that the excitement is growing in the Ottawa area… as it is across the entire route. What a great start, using FaceBook as a launch pad to announce each stop. That has generated great excitement! In blogs in the near future, I’ll discuss how MotorMouth does his preparation for the event. Right now I’m preparing mentally by being in Myrtle Beach for 10 days of golf! Stay tuned… the MotorMouth is getting psyched for the Michigan – Michigan challenge! Have you checked out the list of entrants? It is a mix of tremendous experience and new rookies including the return of the X-Cup contenders. As a retired school principal I get even more excited about the students and their coaches/mentors.

Let’s get ready for the best ever!

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