Day 4

June 14, 2011

Here’s a peak at the other part of Great Racing…quickly out of Cumberland, MD after a great evening last night. I was so tempted to jump onto the twisting route of Hwy 144; other necessities kept me tied to the four lane highways all the way to Chambersburg, PA. As always, I found the noon stop, then quickly scouted around for the closest laundromat; in this city, it was Scottee Coin Wash, calculated the time required, then inserted a pocketful of quarters … first into the washing machine, then the dryer. Keeping an eye on my watch, I needed to be sure that all was dry and folded in time to get back to the noon stop. That’s where the Hagerty Collector Car Insurance black bag came in handy…clothing neatly folded and placed in the bag, I sat there wondering if I could get Hagerty’s Brad Phillips to assist with the ironing once we arrive in Hershey this evening…

I’ve just completed this evening’s stop at Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum in Hershey, PA. The site was remarkable and so was the crowd; a beautiful location looking out over a valley…. Adding our competitors to the vehicles on display inside the museum was really special. Upon their arrival Great Race vehicles were parked on the welcoming lawns in front of the museum. This stop is definitely a “must” to visit again, hopefully this Fall, during the famous AACA Eastern Fall Meet, sponsored by the AACA Hershey Region.

A final thought this evening… great weather, with light breezes, low humidity
and great temperatures, just perfect for Great Racing!

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