Day 3

June 13, 2011

What a way to celebrate a birthday! Today’s start in Salem, VA saw a fresh weather system move in, with clear sky, cooler temperatures and a slight breeze. With a start through the Shenandoah Valley towards Harrisonburg, we continued to experience challenging roads up hill and down, beautiful vistas that I got to enjoy. I couldn’t help but think that the rally teams must find it a challenge just to get a peak at the sights I get to enjoy. We were warmly welcomed at our lunch stop at the Turner Pavilion, the site of Harrisonburg’s farmers market; great shine time cars, including a Studebaker from the mid 30’s and an aqua/white T’Bird that reminded me of Great Racer Gordon Nelson. I also got to enjoy Ben Conde, the talented Team YoYo Jam expert. At every stop we make sure he displays the skills of using the YoYo… at the championship level, an incredible talent that spectators get to enjoy as the rally teams arrive at each stop.

The drive to our evening stop, Cumberland, Maryland was a pleasant reminder of what a tremendous state Maryland is. My usual Maryland experience is through the eastern edge as I drive north-south along Highway 81… moving from the Interstate west through the mountain side of the state was a tremendous reminder of the vastness and colour of Allegany County. The venue and reception at the Town Centre pedestrian mall in Cumberland, dubbed the Queen City, was special; a mix of 19th and 20th century architecture, vibrantly restored; a bricked road, the perfect location for our “parc ferme”. This evening’s hosted dinner was a special treat; the meal prepared by students of the Culinary School of Allegany College of Maryland. I think that the last time I had “brownies” that tasty was when I was in high school and that’s a long time ago!

To sum up the day, Harrisonburg, VA and Cumberland, MD… AWESOME!

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