Day 2

June 12, 2011

Today was all about mountain climbing… and coming back down. We drove along the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains with awesome sights and beautiful, at times spectacular views of valleys and distant mountains. The noon stop at Old Cranks Motorcar Museum in Galax, VA was highlighted for me not only by the cars, but also by a high school bluegrass group…”Loose Strings”… such talent and beautiful voices! From Galax to Salem VA, through the Appalachian foothills through sunshine and heavy rain, the trip was worth it! We were warmly recieved by large crowds at the Salem Civic Center. Something that I always look for are the local car shows that welcome the Great Racers. This evening’s research will be regarding the HRG (1935-1956) ; a British sports car, the first that I have ever seen…. Described by its owner as, “a stark, hard-riding vintage British sports car that continued with few changes into the postwar world. The cramped two-seat cockpit featured creature comforts notable by their absence” …a worthy candidate to come Great Racin’. There were some great scores today and the cumulative 2 day scores have been posted as well. This is heating up to be a great competition with some “sportsman” division teams really challenging members of the”grand champion” division. With 2 days now complete of the seven day competition there is little room for error for those challenging for the championship.

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  • Can’t believe the Amphicar is racing! That has a Triumph Herald 1147 in there, surely requiring superior rallying techniques in the hills. Make sure they know they can leave early…

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