An Awesome Day with a Little Stress Thrown In!

June 28, 2012

It was the start of what should been a perfect Great Race day! From Watertown, heading to Fairport, NY, Howard and Doug Sharp’s hometown, I just knew this was going to be special. I had been in touch with Howard several times prior to the start of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race 2012 presented by Hagerty! He wanted to make sure that all of the planning for the Lunch Stop turned out just right. When I got there, I knew that a lot of hard work hard gone into the planning. The setting was perfect, the huge volunteer committee, the Host-A-Racers…everything was awesome. There was a wonderful opening ceremony, one of the finest offerings of The Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America combining both the Fairport Band and a soloist that we have ever heard… everything, including the first car’s heroic welcome home, all the way through to about the 60th car… when I was informed quietly that there had been a collision involving one of our competitive teams. At that point we didn’t know the extent of the accident, nor the condition of one of our Great Race families. I was sick! We are like family on this event. As we got more information, I learned that it involved Steve, Janet and Allison Hedke. We learned that they had been taken to hospital to be checked; their little ’32 Ford Hi-Boy hot rod had been turned on its side. The good news that they were shaken up but alive. This is the end of their Great Race 2012. Tonight should have been so special for them. They won the day yesterday…#1 amongst all their peers!
At the start of every event Corky prays for the safety of the competitors and crews. Tonight Corky lead Great Racers in prayer of thanks for the Hedkes. We’ll miss them as they gather up the pieces. They know the concern of all involved in this amazing family of Great Racers.
Arriving in Buffalo, we put the afternoon behind us and carried on, as the Hedkes asked us to do. Buffalo Transportation/Pierce-Arrow Museum was an awesome host. The town was alive as we were welcomed to their great city by Mayor Byron Brown. Now there’s a car guy! There was even a declaration read by State Senator Mark Grisanti hailing today Great Race Day in New York State!
A little lengthy for a blog… so much to say, so much concern for our racers…so much passion for what we get to do…so little time!
Tomorrow’s a new day!

12 comments about “An Awesome Day with a Little Stress Thrown In!”

  • Sorry to hear of this accident. I remember seeing the 32 Ford in Kingston on Wednesday. My thoughts are with the Hedkes family as well.

  • I was there today sort of helping out. I heard there was a rollover involving one of the cars ( also heard just a few scratches.) Hopes and wishes to Steve, Janet and Allison Hedke.

  • Fairport really pulled out all the stops today and we had an awesome day watching the Great Race roll into town. Thanks for a great show! We are proud to live in this wonderful town.

    We’re sorry to hear about the accident. Thank goodness everyone is OK!

  • My wife, Roseanna, and I were greaters for the arrival in Buffalo. We didn’t know what to expect, never doing something like this before, but enjoyed every minute of it. We met people from Germany, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Missouri. Buffalo is known as the “City of Good Neighbors” and I hope tonight all of the Great Race teams and families found this to be true.

  • Great event in Fairport! Glad Howard Sharp invited us, took our classic as part of show. Did not know that the race went through within 1 road of our home. We live 1 hour from Fairport, it was worth the trip. Great job by everyone. Thanks for a memorable day!!

  • So glad to hear that the Hedke’s are ok. My son is Marius Eaton and was the recipient of a lot of attention and generous donations fromt the road ralliers and the crowd here in Fairport yesterday. Our quest for an Autism Service Dog for him is getting more and more realized every week. Thanks deeply to Howard Sharp for putting this together and to everyone else that worked to make this happen!!!

    • It was great to see them rallying in their 2012 Hyundai Sante Fe… They are very thankful for a great insurance company!

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