Well, We’re Done – For Now…

July 1, 2012

What a Finish!  Not our scores actually (I think we finished in about 40th overall and 10th in Sportsman; again solidly midfield mediocre), but more the tremendous wrap-up at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn and the nearly $50,000 raised for autism research (it’s not to late to donate, please go to https://vcra.ejoinme.org/?tabid=357362 ).  What a spectacular bunch of folks these Racers; what fantastic Great Race cars; what a super banquet; and holy moly, what a museum – it seems all America, or at least its 20th Century, is distilled in this one HUGE building!

It’s nearly 11 PM and we’re just getting back to the hotel.  This will need to be a brief interim post, as we need to rise early for the haul back to New York.  Also, though the camera battery came back just enough for a few more choice pictures today, it wasn’t not enough to connect and post them tonight.  I’ll tease you with just these notes, then fill it all in when I get back home tomorrow:

The Great Wide Whale vs The Farm Roads

The Huge Hill & Taller Corn

The Poor Kids Who Couldn’t Sell Lemonade

The “Muggle” Interference Incident


News Flash! Old Age & Treachery Beaten by Youth & Skill! (depends how you count…)

Minneapolis/St. Paul

SO:  As they say in Chicago (Land of the Hopeless Cubs):  Wait Til NEXT Year!

Thanks for reading this blog of our valiant attempt in the 2012 Great Race.  We will now (after filling in this post) return you to our regular programming: Building a NEW Great Race Car – the 32 Buick Boattail – for 2013!

From us to you, with appreciation for all we have and share,

John ‘the Mess’ Corey and Dave ‘the Lost’ Ullman (Old Age & Treachery, in the 61 Imperial Crown Convertible)

7 comments about “Well, We’re Done – For Now…”

  • Thanks for all the great daily updates & pics. it was great seeing you & all the racers in Watertown. Take care of that great Imperial,Love those big 50’s &60’s cars. Any finish in a rally as tough as this one deserves a big high five. Congrats.

  • Well done, guys!! Looking forward to seeing the Buick but will miss your big white whale. I felt so bad for those kids and their lemonade stand!! 🙁

    • Janet, I felt so badly for those kids too, Anyway the Great race folks can make up for it? Even at a $1.00 per car, they would do pretty well. I hate that the put all that work and effort into it, and then thoght that we just didn’t care, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Hope you got home (wherever that is safe and sound). Cheers

  • John,
    Congrats on finishing in the middle of the pack. I have been loosely following since my Mac got a touch of lightning last week. Just before that strike of bad fortune,i saw that there was a near coyote miss. Better that than a Yak. All the best to your team! Talk with you soon.
    Bill Wells

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