Well, THAT was an Experience!

June 30, 2014

It’s done.  Next year it’s Route 66: sounds interesting.  We’ve had all the good that is the Great Race: friends new & old, great cars, tough challenges met.  Congratulations Jasons!  Congratulations to ALL who drove, rode, supported at home, or cheered from the grassy side of the white-lined shoulders of the long, long road.

If you’ll excuse me today, I’ll be brief, but a big thanks to the MANY good people who were kind enough to read my notes here and to seek me out with kind words of compliment in return (kinda makes it worthwhile staying up late to write this).  I hope a few of you who aren’t already in the Great Race family might be encouraged to join us!

On the final day, we got our 4th ace, but more importantly, the Boys FINALLY got their FIRST ACE!  Ethan said he’ll leave it on the big Hudson forever.  Good Job, Boys, Good Job.

After another hot, humid Southern day, we were pretty tired and well stuck to the red leather seats that our skin has come to resemble.  I had a song stuck in my head – though not quite the original lyrics.  Do you recall ‘Radar Love’ from 1973?  Here’s how it ran in my head yesterday:

Been Drivin’ All Week, my Hands Wet on the Wheel/There’s a Voice in my Head that Drives my Heel.

It’s Great Race Callin’, the End is Near/We’re almost there, But There’s Still Next Year.

– well, you get the idea.  I won’t torture it further.  Here’s an image from the route that shows about how we felt by the time we rolled into the Villages under the hot, hot sun (SLOOWLY, so as not to run over any of the enthusiastic spectators, as we had only the wimpy parking brake still useful):


Still, the Villages and the 40,000 golf carts here put on a grand show and we had a super time to close out our Race Day – Thanks, Villages!

Other than no brakes to speak of, we had a smooth day.  It must be that we do better when I drive less energetically as we managed a 20 second score.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

Big banquet. Bye, bye buddies. Bed.

We won only one, unofficial award (you can read about the others in the previous Great Race official posting).  In recognition of our little troubles this year, the Caldwells transferred to us the Pink Monkey, given for problems that just won’t go away.  Fitting.  Thus ends another chapter in the continuing story of the Great Race.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for your support!  jc

6 comments about “Well, THAT was an Experience!”

  • Thanks for your daily updates side notes to keep us looking forward to your posts. Good Luck to you and the boys during future rally’s.

  • John, I’ve been enjoying your posts all during the event. I was looking forward to meeting you at either East Stroudsburg or Valley Forge, but A) I didn’t want to distract you while you were on your too-short lunch break, and B) I couldn’t locate you at Valley Forge. Sorry to hear about your troubles along the way, but at least it sounds like you kept it light and persevered. You finished, that’s what counts (and I’m sure you came out of it looking better than that armadillo!). I was thrilled to read that “The Boys” scored an “ace”! I was pulling for them too. Yeah, I admit to rooting for the two Corvairs, but your posts made me feel like I was riding along with you guys.

    So when does the book of your Great Race adventures come out? You write about it so well that I’m sure it would sell well, at least among Hemmings readers.

  • John, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your late night post. they were greatly appreciated as I looked forward to reading them each day. You really brought the flavor of the race to me. I also got a kick out of the fact this past week end I saw a 1967 Buick Skylark sitting on the side of the street. Naturally I went to look at it and in Conversation with it owner, your name came up as a friend of this person, He also has a 1967 convertible skylark. Anyway he spoke highly of you and it just cemented my opinion that you must be a good guy. Thanks again for all the posts. Hopefully I will meet you at a Hemmings Cruise in one of these days.

  • Congratulations to all the racers and thank you for enhancing our monthly Main Street cruise in in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday 6/28/14.By far our biggest cruise in turnout to welcome you to town.Thanks also to Larry Tribble for the kind words for my 1956 Bel Air. Maybe Angie and I might join the Great Race Family next year. God speed til then!

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