The snow has finally melted

April 13, 2011

Over the last couple of days we have finally been able to take the speedster out and run her hard getting ready for the Great Race. Over the winter the master of flatheads, Rex Gardner of Flat Motor Research in Grove, OK, rebuilt our engine and gave us a little more power to boot. Need to get some real seat time now to make sure everything is in order. Drove the speedster up a pretty good size Vermont yesterday and she ran like a charm. Hopefully in the next couple of days it will be warm enough to have my navigator join me on some timing practice runs.

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  • Jim,
    Don’t wait for warm weather to test drive the car, I know Mari can handle it! Hope to see you in Beach Lake, PA for the Northeast Rally Club event.

  • Jim, tried to start TD the other day got the plates and insurance and wanted to show my chiropoctor the car but I turned the key pulled starter rur rur rur rur then I remembered what Linda told me when I brought it pull out the choke rur rur ru rur rur rur . My dad said you don’t have your phone or wallet try another day. Joe Cali coming to appraise on Monday better
    start then or else.Looking for sponsors just got laid off so I have the time ,got to get the TD to chattanoga any ideas would be appreciated. My navigator Hank Willems is ready for our shake down cruise to loudon on the 20. Gonna show car at Saratoga on the 14 looking foward to getting my wife to take a ride used kids college money to buy car shes not happy but shes coming around 🙂 Mark

  • Jim, Took TD out for first time monday:) what a blast the clutch is real tight now I know why Linda said 1 st gear is only when your stuck in the mud or on a big hill. Car passed Inspection
    Guy from tow service started car and gave me great lead on mechanic who in turn pointed me
    to another TD owner 1950 autumn red but his is a total rebuild. Took Joe Cali for the ride of his life. I asked if winning the Great Race would add value and he said no Lets hope he’s wrong. Will have camera obscura along for ride working on sponsors had one call from passport transport hope to get some more would love to send in entry form. gotta finish my
    honey do list rur rur rur Mark:)

  • Jim, Filled up my S-10 at Hemmings on Sat took my wife to Mayfest had a great time Bennington is a great little town. Spent the night up the road in Manchester then went
    kayaking on sunday. Hope to make it to Hathaways next week, Lisa will only go if I take
    the top down. The gasket is froze and the my mechanic says the top hasn’t been off in a
    while if ever! Will stop at Saratoga auto museum for some advice. It looks like I will have to wait till next year to join the race your guys at the booth at Mayfest said the field is full. I’m
    still getting the camera tweeked in and look foward to seeing all the cars at Saratoga on your stop.Hope ever thing is going well the rain has to stop sometime. Safe travels and good luck Mark:)

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