Looking forward to the Rally

March 30, 2011

We are so proud to sponsor and participate in the 2011 Great Race. I have flown over our country hundreds of times coast to coast but it wasn’t till the 2005 Great Race did I ever drive across this beautiful country of ours. I was amazed at how beautiful it is once you get off the highways and travel the secondary roads.  I was bitten by the rally bug then and have loved every minute of it. I believe our love for old cars is infectious and when we get to show our cars by driving through towns and cities you can see the smiles on peoples faces and the constant thumbs up from passerby’s both young and old. I can’t think of something more fun that you can do with your old car then to drive it in an old car rally. We aren’t very good at rallying but we still have a great deal of fun. Some of the best parts are the camaraderie that is formed between your fellow rallyist. They have become like a rally family to me. Even though we are all competitors they will help you work on your car all night long if need be to get you running again for the next days event. It is so exciting to meet folks in towns where we stop for lunch and are overnight stops. We are made to feel like celebrities when folks are asking for our autographs or to have their picture taken with us. If you have ever considered doing an old car rally this is the year to do it. Many programs are being put into place to help the first timers and to insure you have a great time and a successful outing. We are getting our 32 Speedster ready here in Vermont once the snow is off the road we will be testing her… More to come. If I can answer any questions feel free to ask.

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  • Jim, Finally got Lisa in the TD went to Mr. Ed’s on 29 just outside saratoga going east. Lots of old cars every Tuesday night free icecream and great Bar-B-que.She’s a bad passenger in the Volvo with 6airbags so our ten mile drive was going great till on the way home it got a little squirrely same spot I noticed before and the fumes gave her a headache. Can’t wait to take her to Hathaways. Going to Starks for new muffle gonna have him take the spare and put it on the front right and put the bad tire on the spare. While he had it on the lift I noticed rotten sto-hole will seal off should help with the fumes . Got my old Alpine found some new speaker at a garage sale will trick in Glove box. these improvements should make ma ma more comfortable Maybe a Five point harness.Stopping by Auto museumn today.

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