2012 is gonna be a better year for the Hemmings Great Race Team

April 11, 2012

Can you imagine driving for over a week in an open car through 100 degree temperatures and driving rain covering over 1500 miles you are about to cross the finish line in your own hometown and you break down? Well it happened to the Hemmings Team last year. An amazing rescue by Naomi and Tommy of Tommy’s Trailers got us running again so even though we got a DNF for the day we were still able to cross the finish line under our own power. “To finish is to Win” We have been testing and running the 32 Speedster over the winter and I believe the car is ready to rock and roll. Now we just have to get the driver squared away.

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  • Jim, I’m hoping we’ll be joining you in a ’32 this year. The project has been coming a LITTLE behind schedule, but we might yet make it. Check out my blog postings on it (I’ve been doing about one a month through the winter). Coachbuilding a ’32 Buick in 2012? What a Loonie! See ay soon. jc

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