WOW What a day!!!!

June 16, 2011

I think this was the most challenging rally day we have had in all of our rally experience. The good part is we didn’t “lose our heads” and kept going on!!!

On the first leg we had construction. We stopped had calculated our delay then soon as we started some of the “construction guys” got in the road so we had to stop again. The next leg we got behind a garbage truck and couldn’t keep speed. Then after that there was a school bus (It is summer Why are they in school??) at most of the stops we encountered local traffic problems. The most interesting situation was when there was a man who had backed out of his driveway but then stopped in the middle of the road. Gary wasn’t going to lose time so he went around him on the left ( mostly we were on the road) and we didn’t lose any speed. Needless to say we were busy calculating and making up time. We feel good with our scores of 5, 7, 2, ACE & 8.

Tomorrow is the final day with a start time of 6am. We start 14 I’ll get the instructions at 5:29. Hope we don’t have to use a flashlight to see our instructions!!!

Great lunch stop today in Cooperstown and also good evening event at Saratoga Springs.

Getting excited for the finish but also sorry it will be over.

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