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June 5, 2011

Three days before we will be in Chattanooga. I know we will have great fun! Corky Coker and all the Coker family (family includes the many great employees of Coker tire) will see that all is planned to perfection for the Great Racers

We will soon be ” on the road” for an event that will challenge and excite us. After much preparation the greatest group of drivers, navigators and vintage automobiles will put to the ultimate test on the trip from Chattanooga to Bennington VT.

Our family and friends are getting tired of us talking about the Great Race. We have gotten a lot of silly looks and comments when discussing the event. One of the funniest to me was a comment made by my cousin Janice. I told her we were practice driving Maxine. Her comment was “How do you practice? Do you need to practice screaming and then Gary doing what you tell him to do?”

It is time to make the final review of what we need to do before we leave. I’m afraid to ask Gary if Maxine is ready cause he always seems to find something else to do.

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