Preparing for The Great Race

April 20, 2011

After spending most of the winter in pieces in our garage Maxine is finally back together and running. With a big smile on his face, Gary tells me Maxine is in good condition and he is pleased with her performance. YEA HIP HIP HOORAY!!!

Since Maxine is in good rally condition then the pressure is on for the people of Martin Vrooom to be ready. We always plan to have time to practice but we never do. Our hope is that the VCRA All Stars for Autism Rally in Grove, Oklahoma next week will give us an opportunity to “tune up” for the Great Race.

My task now is to have my rally/navigator supplies ready. I am organized and have my “official rally box” but I need to check that all is in order. I always buy new highlighters because it would be difficult for me to have “dried up” markers. I don’t know why but highlighters generally come in packages with blue, yellow, pink and orange. I only use the blue and pink colors which leaves me having the orange and yellow extras. I need to find another navigator that uses the orange and yellow so we could share the packages. Gary laughs at me having specific pens I need but I have a system and I’m not changing.

Only seven weeks till The Great Race. For those who are thinking of entering do it now!!! You will have a great time of fun, friendship and competition.

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