Past the halfway mark!!

June 14, 2011

We have completed four days and only have three to go. Thus far we have been pleased with our performance. Maxine is doing well, the driver is keeping on speed, and the navigator is keeping us on course.

The route was good today with some interesting challenges. We got behind large slow moving farm equipment twice but both times Gary passed them without losing time. I won’t comment on the fact that he might have had to get off the road a little to pass!! We also were behind a mailman but he was nice and stopped to let us pass.

I’m sure there is a lady in Pennsylvania who thinks I’m very rude. We were at a stop sign and she ran up to the car to talk. She wanted to know what all the cars were doing and where we were going. I didn’t even look at her since I was concentrating on counting Gary for the take off from the stop. With a wave of a hand we were off. I apologize for not being friendly.

Looking forward to another GREAT day tomorrow on the Great Race.

One comment about “Past the halfway mark!!”

  • Love the picture of passing the farm vehicle! We’ve been known to use all available space as well. Remind me to tell you the one about passing the tractors that were going in opposite directions and each took up the entire lane. All part of the adventure!

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