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April 13, 2011

By now you are probably wondering what purpose I have in the event since in my previous posts I wrote that I didn’t get involved with the car maintenance or driving.    When Gary & I first started in this sport there was no question of who would do what. I know my limitations and am aware that I am not a good driver so that task went to Gary.  (He is an excellent driver and knows how to make Maxine perform her best) Fortunately, I like to talk and tell him what to do so it is the natural choice for me to be the Navigator. It is the only time that I can tell Gary how to drive and he actually listens to me!!
I enjoy navigating even if I don’t possess the skills and abilities that many think are necessary for navigators.  I’ve heard the Navigator has to be a “numbers/math “person.  Well, I can testify to the fact that is not always true.  Sure I can do basic math and understand numbers but I really don’t like to fill my brain with such things.    Another skill is to have good eyes to be able to spot small signs etc from a distance.   I really can’t see well from a distance but I still seem to be able to spot signs– most of the time. The biggest problem for me navigating is that I do not know left from right.  We have solved this problem by “my side” and “your side” system. It works for us since it eliminates the need for me to try to figure out left & right while giving directions.   After reading the comments on my limitations I hope you realize that it doesn’t take someone with specialized skills to be a Navigator.
In my opinion, the most important skills for a Navigator are attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions accurately. The attached picture shows my instructions after I’ve done my special markings (blue & pink highlights) and other notations.  Early in our rally adventures Gary thought he would help with navigating but we quickly learned that there can be ONLY ONE navigator. Gary’s comments are that he “keeps his eyes off my papers and does as he is told”!!

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  • love your notes and this is so true about “do what you are told”,thats the problem i’m having with my navigator she says. PS We no longer have your phone number since you moved Barry

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