Moving North

June 12, 2011

This awesome group will be moving North on our journey to Vermont. Ond day closer to our finish at Hemmings Motor Sports in

Our starting position is 58 today (way in the end) so I could have slept later but I was up early excited for the day. I would rather be earlier “in the pack” but we draw for startiNg position. I’ve told the earlier cars to make sure they save me some food!!

Cars were worked on last night and everyone was preparing for another day. Gary brings enough spare parts to build another car so he was able to help the Tourje team a carburetor

Our plan is to be smart and not make mistakes. Mostly though, we want to have fun and we know we will!!!

Look out Salem VA — Here we come!!!

2 comments about “Moving North”

  • How do I get my wife to do the GR………..we have an 85 Morgan, that is really a hot ride in the summer and she hates to sweat……..I thought this would be the perfect route as you are heading North…………….I will follow your blog……have fun and hang it there….Cooperstown will be a neat stop….Jim

    • Jim, let me talk to her and I’m sure she will want to br a part of the event. I definitely think it is the GREATEST fun ever!!! Sharing it with my husband makes it a even more special adventure!!!

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