Making a list, checking it twice

June 2, 2011

With less than a week before we go to Chattanooga for the Great Race I’ve decided it’s time to make a list so I won’t forget any necessary items.


Bourbon — this is for the auction not for drinking
Blue highlighters
Pink highlighters
Red pins
Lap board for instructions

Gary has tools, extra parts and car stuff for Maxine

That seems to be the important stuff.

Well, I do suppose we need to remember clothes and toothbrush!!!

2 comments about “Making a list, checking it twice”

  • Hi ~
    We’ve only just heard of The Big Race and would love to cheer you on between Cooperstown and Saratoga Springs, since we live in Albany. Can you please tell me what route you’ll be using?
    Thanks, and Good Luck!

    • We would love to have you “cheer us on” but I can’t tell you the route since I don’t know it. Part of the competition is we don’t know the route. All we know are the towns for our lunch stops and over night stops.We are given instructions of how where to go 45 min before the start of the rally each day. We generally take smaller back roads since out old cars don’t go to fast. It would be great if you could visit with us at the lunch stop in Cooperstown or when we are in for the evening at Saratoga Springs. In the evening all the cars will be parked together and it is a great time for us to meet with the ” locals” & discuss cars and the event. Hope to see you. We ar car #38.

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