Look out here we come!!!

June 11, 2011

Yesterday was the “practice” run which was good for us because we had lots to practice!! All I’m going to say is the Navigator in our car (me) needs to be more alert! Fortunately Gary was very forgiving

Today is the official start and we will start our journey to Vermont. All of us leaving with a great send offing Chattanooga will be a a SUPER event!!

Last night was a wonderful time with lots of “hugs & fun”with friends at the banquet. Not sure of the exact amount but know we raised over $5,000 for our charity, Autism. No better people than “car folks”

Gary & I are ready to be driving MILES WITH SMILES!!!

One comment about “Look out here we come!!!”

  • Gary has the best! I’m sure it was just pre-race jitters, today will be marvelous. We’re rooting for you.

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