Long hot day!

June 27, 2013

There aren’t words to describe how HOT it was today.  I can’t believe are having so much fun while “baking” in the car. Call us crazy but we love doing this. The first leg today had an interesting challenge with huge farm machinery blocking the road. We had a scary time while trying to pass a combine.  Seems like the driver didn’t want us to pass so just as we started to go around him he turned toward us and stopped. Needless to say it REALLY scared me but fortunately Maxine was able to stop. I did say a prayer of thanks for us being safe. We are really proud because even with that situation we got a 1 on the leg. Even though the day was long (we started at 7 am) we only had 3 checkpoints. We were pleased with our scores of 1, 6 and ACE.  Most of the day was driving with the work being on the driver to keep the correct speed so I’m expecting a day of navigator work tomorrow. No matter what, I know we will have a day of fun, excitement and adventure.

3 comments about “Long hot day!”

  • Look forward to seeing ya’all in Covington, La. on Sat. night. It is a neat old town. Hope all is going safely. Do you know the route from Covington, La. to Mobile, Al ? I am thinking it will be on the beach road on the Ms. gulf coast. We plan to sit on the side of the road and cheer you on to the finish line on Sunday.

  • I only wish I could be with you folks in my 1926 Studebaker coupe. Welcome to the real Cajun country. I look forward to seeing you guys in Crowley tomorrow.I reside at 824 Duhon Road, Lafayette. Just a bit southwest of the city.

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