It’s getting closer!!

April 13, 2012

When I looked at the calendar this morning I realized it was just a little over 2 months till the 2012 Great Race. I immediately thought I needed to run to the nearest store and get my much needed blue and pink highlighters for the event. (I know I’m a little obsessed with the highlighters) This year I have a pleasant surprise of knowing that “Maxine” (our 1938 Ford) is actually all together and running since last year Maxine was still in pieces scattered around the garage at this point. Maxine has a new engine and “purrs like a kitten”. I’m concerned that our performance charts might need some adjustments. Actually I think the biggest problem will be with my driver driving like he did with the old engine and being too fast. I constantly must remind him that he is not in hot pursuit!!

One comment about “It’s getting closer!!”

  • Jean Ann, Jewel and I will be driving our new car on the race and we will also have to up date our charts. LOL Hope you and Gary are doing fine and looking forward to seeing you guys.

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