It must be Wednesday cause we are in Binghamton New York

June 15, 2011

Once I get involved with the Great Race I tend to lose all track of time and place. Someone asked what day it was and I really not know. After checking my schedule I realized it was in Wednesday since we were in Binghamton.

After a challenging day full of rally fun we had a great welcome in Binghamton. It certainly is fun to be greeted with cheers. I’m always surprised when someone asks for my autograph. After the crowd left the Great Racers have been “hanging out” in the parking lot sharing laughs, stories and refreshment

There are only two days left and these should be even more difficult. Everyone is expecting some interesting ” twists & turns” for the championship run.

We got our first ACE (perfect score) for the event today. We all want to score our best but the best reward is being a part of the adventure and the Great Race family.

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  • Congrats on the ACE! Your scores have been great and most importantly very consistent. Knock ’em dead in the Championship Run. To finish is to win!!

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