Hello Hannibal

June 24, 2013

After being on the Great Race a few days I forget what day it is but since we are in Hannibal it must be Monday. Today started with terrible rain.  We didn’t do the speedo run because with the weather we didn’t think it was safe to keep the speed. So we didn’t calibrate our speedo. Naturally I worried all day about it being off. We had good scores so either it was OK or it was off and made up for our mistakes!!  Either way I’m pleased with the scores.  Our lunch stop in Peoria and our evening stop in Hannibal had crowds of interesting people. When we arrived in Hannibal we were greeted by a couple who were friends of friends of ours from home. They made it a point to give us a special welcome. After a day on the Great Race I’m tired, ready for bed but excited for another day tomorrow.

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  • Hello:

    Growing up in the area, I enjoyed meeting a large portion of the autos traveling south of Augusta, IL on the blacktop. I wish all the participants a happy and safe journey to Mobile.

  • Glad to have found the page and a chance to watch your adventure so far. Can’t wait to see all the racers arrive in Washington, MO. tomorrow!

  • Kimberly, we are anxious to see the folks in your area. We really appreciate those who come to see us and welcome us to their community. Also, we like to show everyone and talk about our cars.

  • Gary & JeanAnn, I am wishing you all the best. I am watching you climb in the ranks. I wish I could be there with you racing but my father passed away on March 4th. You’ll remember us as we had the 1930 Ford Phaeton with my daughter Madeline. Good luck and maybe Madeline and I can one day rally with y’all again. Dan.

  • Looking for the great river race route from Washington, MO to Cape Girardeau, MO. there seems to be a discrepancy on route. We are wanting to follow you but can’t find the correct route. Would appreciate a reply ASAP so we can be on the road. Thanks, Diana

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