Heading home

July 1, 2013

On the way home way home from a wonderful adventure.  Sad to leave all of my Great Race family. There a were lots of hugs last night and this morning.  It is impossible to find words to tell about the fun and excitement of traveling 2100 miles, 10 states, 20 cities with the greatest group of people. A super super super thank you to the Corky, Jeff , Teresa,and all the staff and the volunteers that did so much for us to have an adventure of a lifetime!  Also a big thanks to all those in the cities we visited for the wonderful hospitality.  So many were waving and cheering us along the way.  Maxine had no problems so any issues in our car were driver and or navigator mistakes.  Yes I’m tired and glad now to be riding in an air conditioned vehicle but I’m sorry the event is over. Congrats to Barry & Irene for a great win. A very special Congratulations to Sister MaRae for winning the Spirit of the Event Award. She is a wonderful person and certainly does show the true spirit of the Great Race. We have a 10 hour drive home and will be talking about this years Great Race and planning for next year.

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