Great Race “funnies”

June 18, 2011

Anyone who has been a part of the Great Race knows there are lots of interesting/ funny incidents. I thought I would share some I thought were the best from the 2011 Great Race

It seems there was a situation when a the stop watch malfunctioned during the rally. Anyone knows that would be a frustrating situation but in this case the driver handled the situation. He grabbed the stop watch from the navigator and threw it out the window!!! We all agreed it was good it was the stopwatch malfunctioned instead of the navigator making mistake cause it would have been bad if she had been left on side of the road. Needless to say there wasn’t a good score for that team that day.

Another situation occurred to one of the Rookie teams It seems the navigator couldn’t find his instructions when he got back in the car
after a break. He was in a panic looking for them since it was soon
to the start time. He said someone must have taken them. The
driver said why would anyone want them and the navigator said one
of the “locals” might have taken them to see what the rally was.
Well it seems that after some confusion in the car the navigator
realized he was sitting on them!!!

We also seemed to have some stories about animals that were seen along the road. One team is sure they saw a turtle dragging a tree limb across the road.

There are many more stories but I’m not sure they are fit to print!!

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