Getting Ready

April 5, 2011

For the record, I am not a “car person”. My knowledge of cars is limited to putting in gas, turning on the key and driving. What makes a car do what it does is totally foreign to me. Because of this, all the choices of cars and any maintenance needed is Gary’s responsibility. When we were looking for a Great Race car my only comments were I wanted something with a roof and sides since I am a “wimp” and didn’t want to be exposed to the elements. (Also, wanted the color red.) Maxine met all my requirements and Gary said she was a good car so we brought her home.
Since we have had the car, Gary has done lots of maintenance and in his words, “making her more reliable” As I mentioned in my previous post Gary has been working on the car getting all ready for the Great Race. Yesterday he came in from his garage, announced he had driven Maxine and she was ready for the Great Race. He seemed so proud that I decided to go to the garage and look at the finished product.
Much to my surprise his definition of ready and mine must be different. When I opened the door I realized there wasn’t a floor or seats (Before he started working on her this past winter there was a floor and seats) Maybe when we were discussing cars I should have made it clear that in addition to a roof and sides I also wanted a floor and seats (I hope he didn’t remove the floor so he could stop the car with his feet like Fred Flintstone!) I was a little confused since Gary told me he had driven down the street. I asked how and he said no problem, he sat on a plastic crate and put kept his feet on the floor boards.
I have been told all will be “put back together” by the end of the week and we will be driving! The Great Race is only 10 weeks away and I’m anxious to get on the road with Maxine.

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