Future Great Racer

June 23, 2013

imageOne of the things I like most about our stops on the Great Race is visiting with those who come to see us.  I especially like talking with the boys and girls who are viewing the cars.  This nice youth fellow was looking at Maxine.  I asked if he would like to sit behind the wheel.  With a big grin on his face he said yes.  Gary seemed a little concerned that he was going to be replaced.

2 comments about “Future Great Racer”

  • I hope you all have a safe and wonderful trip, and that the rain stops for the next couple weeks. The Great Race was a excellent addition to our Back to the 50s festivities. We really enjoyed have the cars there and talking with many of the contestants. Good luck and God’s Speed. JG

  • It’s great virtually going on this race with you. Saw some shadows so you must have had good weather today. Hope that’s the norm for the rest of the race. Be careful and have fun!!

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