Finished leg 5

June 26, 2013

Today was a long day with lots of activity in our car.  Not only was it extremely hot but we seemed to encounter numerous obstacles along the course.  The morning started with a dump truck in front of us that seemed to drive a little, stop a little, and keep traffic congested. We feel fortunate to have gotten out of that leg with 5. We had a raw score of 20 for the day.  We would have liked better but with the difficulties today (lots of issues with local traffic) that score pleased us. Along the way today there were numerous narrow bridges.  Good for us that Maxine can fit through a small bridge while meeting a large tractor.  I know I tried to make myself smaller while doing this since I thought it would help us squeeze through the bridge.  After a very hot day it was especially nice to have a great meal in a cool air conditioned building at Germantown.  The food was great especially the “barbecue martini” and sweet potato casserole. The official start time for tomorrow is 7am so I’m expecting a long and challenging day .  Yes, I’m tired and totally drained after the day but I’m having a great time and anxious for tomorrow.  It’s impossible to explain how much fun this is so all I will say is the Great Race is a great adventure with great people.

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  • We know you are talented, tough, tenacious so a couple of long days would deter you or Gary. Hoping for a few easier days. We will miss you this coming Sunday.

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