June 14, 2012

For once Martin Vrooom is ready ahead of schedule. Maintenance is finished on Maxine and she is ready to be loaded in the trailer for the trip to Traverse City. Gary has all of the spare parts (which we hope we don’t need) tools and car stuff packed in the truck. I have plenty of pink & blue highlighters, red pens, extra batteries and all navigator tools in my rally box. Our “uniforms” of cargo shorts, red shirts and my special red shoes are in the luggage. Passports and all needed documents are ready for the trip. I even have my official travel food of peanut butter and crackers packed. All that remains is a final check and we will be ready to go.

4 comments about “FINAL COUNTDOWN — READY TO GO”

  • They don’t have the magic powers of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers but are my special rally shoes. Wish the shoes had magic powers to help our scores. The best thing is they are good for rain (the car leaks on my feet when it rains) cause they dry quickly. See you in Traverse City in a few days.

  • Can’t wait to see all you fine racers here in St.Ignace on Sat. Enjoy the Antiques on the Bay Car Show while here.

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