Another day another town!!

June 14, 2011

It’s Tuesday morning ( I think but I tend to lose track of the days) and we are in Cumberland MD. This is a great town full of cool old buildings and wonderful people. There was a nice reception for us with the streets full of our cars, Great Racers and the locals. There was even music and Gary & I danced to our favorite song–My Girl. FYI No one else was dancing but that didn’t stop us!!! The food was provided by the local culinary school and it was GREAT.

Yesterday route was challenging and fun. We were pleased with our scores. Even better was the fact that Maxine had NO problems.

Just a note on the Rookie teams. Each Rookie team was assigned a mentor to help them. We have done such a good job helping the Rookie team that we are mentoring — the Team of Mary & Mike Bitterman–that they have beaten our scores. Way to go!! We also followed the Duckloe team 2 days and they have done great too. Yesterday they made a wrong turn but realized the mistake and made up the time. It was great to see them zooming up behind us and then getting in their correct position. They have also had good scores.

I’m sure those of you reading this are tired of me writing about all the fun but it is SO MUCH FUN so I must keep saying that!!

The sun is shining and we are ready for another GREAT day on the Great Race. We are on our way to Hershey PA.

4 comments about “Another day another town!!”

  • Just looked at your website!! Sounds great. Having chocolate for dinner? Wish I was there. Vrooooom Vroooom!

    • I am following your blog……….would love to do the GR, but can’t get my wife into it……our Morgan is one hot ride in the summer……..good luck……….Jim

      • Jim, it is a great activity to share with your spouse. I hope you and your wife will join us in the future.

  • So glad to hear yall want to dance together even if it’s just yall out there 🙂 Glad yall are having fun!!! Maybe I’ll be able to be on the race next year!

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