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April 20, 2011

We have fifty cars entered so far in the Hemmings Great Race. I think that is pretty dang good for mid April! We will get another 20 to 30 more by race time for sure. It is going to be a good event!

Our staff here is doing some great work and continue to work hard for you. Angelia Summers and the crew in the marketing department are designing hats, signs, press releases, ads, posters, videos, etc. We have a new respect for the likes of Sister, McRae hisself, Rex and Judy and even the Ewing boys…this is a lot to do! David Leach has been working the sponsorship direction hard. As I have related to many, it is a big hill to climb to even make this deal break even, so be patient with us. We will be in pictures! You will see Jason White and his crew the whole week filming for television. You might even be asked to do some one on one interviews etc. We will need every single participant, staff and volunteer to sign off since Jason might make you a star! Crystal Wilson has been working with entrants to get their photos and information to us for the Great Race Program. Wes Kliner has been awesome at pushing all things Great Race these past few months when he is not setting up contracts, leases n such at Coker. One guy who loves the Great Race and has been giving heart and soul is Jeff Stumb. I am really proud of him and his accomplishments with cities, and entrants. I think we have food at almost every stop. Cameron stays on me to do blogs, and keeps the web work up to date quickly. He has become the webmaster master!

Classen recently did another run (some of it in the snow) on the course which I call the “take back the yankee territory campaign”. Well, think about it. We are headed North from Tennessee right up the Shenandoah Valley. The same Shenandoah Valley that Jimmy (Stewart) and his boys rode horses (in the movie Shenandoah) looking for the youngest son during the “War of Northern Aggression”. Just some fun… nevertheless, John Classen will do another course run in May and then obviously he will be running the course ahead of us in June. John Classen is a real pro and a veteran at all things Great Race.

Speaking of bringing back an old pro! See if you can you guess who I am talking about? This guy is a native of North America, but not a US Citizen. He is a Veteran of Great Racing. Was a friend of all who Great Raced for many years. His name? It is kinda like…”engine lips” Watch for an announcement soon.

Prize money. We are still working with our great sponsors to get all the costs taken care of. Our CFO Kevin Loveday will have the final say, but we will probably announce the purse soon. Welcome to Hagerty Insurance, the Official Collector Car Insurance of the Great Race. Also we have just signed Passport Transport, the Official transport of the Great Race. Cameron will have buttons up on the website in a few… Our banquet in Chattanooga will be sponsored by Powerblock TV. If you haven’t seen those great car shows on Saturday morning on Spike TV…check em out now!

We are having another silent auction for Autism at the start in Chattanooga, organized by Pat and Pat Brothers. They are sponsors of Great Race and have done awesome work with VCRA and now Great Race raising awareness and money for Autism. Here is a link to their website. Dig deep and come up with some cool stuff for us to auction! Here is an email address: [email protected] Vacation home usage, paintings, prints, etc.

Am on my way to Australia for a Hot Rod Show. Ever seen a 32 highboy with right hand drive? Well I have and will this week! All for now!

From the road,


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