Collector Car Appreciation Day!

July 13, 2012

Dang! The US Senate does something for a change!

Today is National Collector Car Appreciation Day! The United States Senate recently did something worthwhile! Glory be! Wonders never cease! Senate Resolution 452 designates July 13, 2012 as Collector Car Appreciation Day as an acknowledgment of the importance that the automotive hobby has on our society. There are hundreds of old car events planned around the nation. Here is a link to the SEMA website listing the events around the country:

I love old cars, new cars, vintage cars, hot rods, collector cars, muscle cars, barn find cars…heck I love all old cars. I think the deal is really about the people in these United States that appreciate the collector cars, but I guess it would be okay to go out to the garage and hug your Muscle Car or your Model A. I personally would prefer that to celebrate this wonderful new Senate Resolution, we all just get our cars out and drive it obviously wearing out tires. Helps me too!

Go Fast,
Shift Gears,
Live Right!

From the road,
Corky Coker

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