Rookie Mentoring Program

March 2, 2012

The rookie mentoring program that we began last year will be enhanced for 2012. Our goal is for new participants in this event to have a great experience and join this great sport in future years.
This year we intend to assign a veteran team to each rookie team before the race to assist with questions about car preparation, car calibration, how to rally, etc. Mentors will attend the rally school with their rookies and be available for assistance during the race.

Bill and Carolyn Croker (1936 Packard #70) will be the coordinators for this program.

If you are a Great Race veteran and would like to mentor a rookie team, please contact Bill and Carolyn at or 530-432-0505.

If you are new to the Great Race and have questions about car preparation, rally equipment, car calibration or how to rally, contact Bill and Carolyn.

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