Rookie Mentoring Program

April 13, 2012

Our expanded Rookie Mentoring Program is underway for this year’s race.  Carolyn and I have volunteered to coordinate this program.  We have over 25 rookies entered in the 2012 race.  We have 21 mentors that have been matched up with the rookie teams.  We still need some additional mentors so that each rookie team will have a mentor.  If you would be willing to be a mentor, please contact us at or 530-432-0505.

We will be sending information to the rookies and their mentors about car preparation, rally equipment, car calibration, and rally techniques.  These will go along with the videos that are already available on the GR website.

In Traverse City, after the regular rally school, we will have a special rally school for rookies, although anyone can attend.

Then for the Trophy Run rally on Friday before the start of the GR, we plan to start each rookie team behind their mentor, so that during lunch and the transit zones, the mentors can answer questions that rookies might have.

Got our 1936 Packard out the other day and started driving.  We put in a new pressure radiator to hopefully overcome the overheating problem we had last year.  Now it looks like it might need a new water pump.  Time is starting to run short, we need to get busy.


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  • This is my very 1st road rally. Would appreciate all the help I can get to allow our team to make a reasonable showing. I am navigating and will have 2 different drivers, one of which will not have driven the 1959 Apache trunk until the 3rd or 4th day of the race. Thanks,


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