Getting the Packard Ready

April 9, 2011

After the Coker Challenge last September, my wife agreed to be the navigator for the Great Race this year.  The only problem was that we did not have an appropriate car.  So while on vacation back East, I found a 1936 Packard 120 coupe on e-bay and was the successful bidder.  The car had previous owner had repainted and rechromed the car and had installed a new interior.  Mechanically the car was all original.  Picked the car up in Las Vegas in October and started the preparation to make a reliable Great Racer.  All of the mechanicals except the differential and transmission have been overhauled.  I added a dual master brake cylinder for safety and added tubular shocks all around and a sway bar to the front.  The car has been converted to 12 volts with halogen headlights and an alternator replaces the generator.  Turn signals were an option in 1936 so these had to be added too.  An electric fan and an auxiliary electric fuel pump have been added for reliability.  Anew set of Coker whitewall radial tires completed the modifications.  This work always takes twice as long as planned and the car is just now coming together and the engine is ready to start.  We need to get the car on the road to get enough miles on it to check the reliability and get the calibration done.  Can’t believe that the Great Race is less than 2 months from now.  Gotta get  the car running tomorrow!!!

2 comments about “Getting the Packard Ready”

  • Am building a 1936 120 convertible. Have had it all apart and just now putting it back together. What did you use for a front stabilizer. The car has a rear one but would like to install a fromt one. I also installed a overdrive transmission in it. That was a trick. any help would be appreciated. Ron

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