Getting Started as a Rookie

April 9, 2011

Getting started in vintage car competitive rallying can be intimidating.  I remember preparing for my first rally.  I had dozens of questions, and few sources of information.  I found an experienced rallyist who was a great help.  First off, when he found that I was and engineer (so was my navigator at the time), he told us we were in deep trouble since we would grossly over think everything.  The best advice he gave us was to keep it simple.  The keys to successful rallying are to learn the basics, be prepared and execute with precision. 

Let’s start with learning the basics.  First read the rules for the rally published on this site.  Seems simple, but there is a lot of good information in the rules.  Pay particular attention to the regulations concerning vehicle requirements and modifications allowed.  Also note the mandatory items for vehicles.   Second, print a copy of the example rally instructions found at the end of the download version of the rules and regulations.   This example rally covers all the typical instructions you will encounter on the Great Race.  Third, find information about how to calibrate your car.  One good write up on this can be found on under Rules and How To and Rookie Car Calibration. 

After studying this material find someone to answer your questions before you get to the rally.  Any of the Great Race staff or any of the other participants will be glad to help you.  You can also e-mail me at [email protected] or call me at 530-432-0505.

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