Douglas Sharp

December 18, 2015

Douglas Sharp, 36, is one of the youngest Great Race veterans. Doug has been on the Great Race since 1991, only missing one race for his high school graduation. His career started at the age of 11, as he traveled with his mother and 2 sisters as support crew for his Dad, Howard, and the navigator. Doug took the navigator’s seat in 1998, at the age of 18, forming the father-son team of Howard and Douglas Sharp. He has been navigating with his Dad since then, winning the Great Race two times, first in a 1911 Velie and then in a 1916 Hudson. Doug says the hardest part about navigating is keeping track of time while dealing with typical traffic patterns. When Doug is not Great Racing, he enjoys mowing his lawn, snow plowing and spending time with his family. He resides with his wife, Dana, and two daughters, Abigail and June. His “real life” job is as a manager at the family owned bicycle store in Fairport, New York, the village that he also calls home.

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