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We continue chipping away the days of this great adventure, but today was a pretty big milestone as we crossed the boarder into Canada. The Great Race has crossed into Canada on a few occasions, but this time, we took the Eastern route by crossing into New Brunswick. It was a long haul from Bar […]

The skies above were clear again, and we could use third gear again, Happy Days are here again! Yep, the torrential rains were gone, replaced by that crisp, cool ozonated post-storm air that only the Northeast can deliver. We ran up the west flank of the Bay of Fundy, where apparently wild lupines grow like […]

Today’s title with apologies to My Fair Lady, of course. It seems (to borrow another song clip) that we are searching for aces in all the wrong places! Today was: a) miserable rainy weather, b) a driver’s day, with lots of steady speed holding, and c) afflicted with a LOT of interference issues, especially on […]

This year’s Great Race started with a couple days of rain showers, but those off-and-on bouts of rain didn’t hold a candle to what we went through today. It was a steady, soaking rain that lasted from daylight until nearly dark. The day started in Bangor, Maine, and we rallied around the back roads for […]

Day 5 marks the half-way point of the Great Race, and we had one tough day of rallying in store. First and foremost, a record number of scoring checkpoints were in place, a total of 12 all together. Usually, a day of rallying has an average of 6 scoring checkpoints, giving racers 6 chances at […]

We had a LOONG day today: 12 timed legs (more than ever before in a single day). GOOD: Our morning was super: three one-second legs and three Aces! And that includes an ace on a leg where we were stopped for construction and put in a 1-minute, 20-second time delay! BAD: Something seems to have […]

This morning, we hit the road once again, leaving Vermont and rolling into New Hampshire during our morning route. Farm land and tiny towns made up route, leading to a lunch stop at the Mount Washington Auto Road. The idea was to host a lunch stop at the base of the mountain, and then racers […]

Holy Moly, what a day to be alive (and out on the Great Race) in the Northeast Summer! So much to write tonight! Our rally today began near Burlington, VT; ran through the GORGEOUS Green Mountains and across the river into New Hampshire’s White Mountains (quick quiz: what’s the river between these states called? Hint, […]

Although our day started in Troy, New York, we quickly crossed into Vermont aka the “Green Mountain State” and we spent all day rallying in the beautiful countryside. After seeing today’s scenery, we must say that it’s quite obvious where Vermont got its nickname. Surrounded by green pastures, we made our way through the hills, […]

Well, today was a driver’s day – not so many technical maneuvers, but lots of long hilly stretches holding precise speeds. We didn’t goof up anything at all today! Any variance from perfection is directly attributable solely to driver error (unlike previous days, if you catch my drift…). And overall, our score was… almost respectable. […]

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