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Rally Equipment

Now let’s talk about vehicle preparation and rally equipment.  By now you have already selected your car for the rally.  Make sure that your vehicle has all the required equipment as described in the regulations section IX.B.  Also obtain all the miscellaneous equipment.  Now that your vehicle meets all the requirements, the object is to […]

Getting started in vintage car competitive rallying can be intimidating.  I remember preparing for my first rally.  I had dozens of questions, and few sources of information.  I found an experienced rallyist who was a great help.  First off, when he found that I was and engineer (so was my navigator at the time), he […]

“The adventure of a lifetime that you can enjoy every summer!”   That’s one of the descriptions that my good friends Tom and Sandi McRae used to describe the Great Race.    Well, by now many of the Great Race followers know about its recent history and why Coker ended up with it.    Bottom line is this […]

First Post

If you have found your way to this blog, you either have already signed up for the 2011 Great Race or are seriously considering it. If you have not signed up yet, go ahead and take the plunge. Some racers say that these rallies are the most fun you can have with your clothes on! […]

Getting Ready

For the record, I am not a “car person”. My knowledge of cars is limited to putting in gas, turning on the key and driving. What makes a car do what it does is totally foreign to me. Because of this, all the choices of cars and any maintenance needed is Gary’s responsibility. When we […]

Attention fellow Great Racers and Friends! We are only 68 days away from the 4th Annual “Auction for Autism” being held on Friday, June 10th at the Coker Tire Museum the night before we leave on the Hemmings Motor News Great Race. It’s time to let me know what fellow Racers are going to bring […]

We are so proud to sponsor and participate in the 2011 Great Race. I have flown over our country hundreds of times coast to coast but it wasn’t till the 2005 Great Race did I ever drive across this beautiful country of ours. I was amazed at how beautiful it is once you get off […]

Good People! Great Times!

One of the cool things about working on the Great Race is the really amazing people that are involved. For the past six months I’ve had a great time getting to know Jeff Stumb. I’m sure many of you know Jeff from his Great Race involvement over the past couple of decades. I had met […]


Hello from Martin VROOOM  We are a husband/ wife team.  Our car is Maxine a red (yes red even if some say another color) 38 Ford Coupe.  We are rather new to the sport of rally doing our first event in 2006.  Since then we have been “hooked” on the sport and plan our schedule […]

Hi, I’m new to blogging, but not computers or writing. Email has been my constant companion for almost 25 years. And being a lawyer by training, Corky will tell you I’m not shy when it comes to sharing my thoughts. Like many of you, I am a Friend of Corky – an FOC. Where you […]

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