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Trial Run of the 2014 Great Race–Southbound!

By Great Race
April 15, 2014


The best thing about the 2014 Great Race route from Maine to Florida this summer is the dramatic change in scenery — the most diverse on the event since 2007. After the rocky shores of Maine, the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Hudson River of New York and the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, the race hits the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

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Trial Run of the Great Race Route–Part Three

By Great Race
April 14, 2014


Each day on my course run with John Classen for the 2014 Great Race we start at 6 a.m. and finish around 9 p.m. We run the entire course and also meet with the people in each city who will host us in June. On this leg of our trip we met with the good people in Bennington, Vermont, including Jim Memento at Hemmings Motor News. Bennington, of course, is home to our title sponsor and was the finish of the 2011 Great Race and they are again planning a fabulous stop.

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Trial Run of the Great Race Route–Moving on to Lowell, MA

By Great Race
April 10, 2014


The first overnight stop on the 2014 Great Race is Lowell, Massachusetts, and the folks there are planning a huge event. On the way to Lowell from Maine we still saw tons of snow, especially in the wooded areas. On lake we passed was still completely frozen.

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2014 Rally Final Planning Underway

By Great Race
April 9, 2014

The Great Race makes it a point to rally drivers through some of the most interesting and challenging terrain our vast country has to offer and this year is no different. For 2014 the eastern seaboard plays host to thousands of miles of mountains, countryside, marshlands and coastal seascapes. Race Director Jeff Stumb is on the road this week and next sorting out some of the last details that make it possible to rally a hundred cars in and out of so many small towns along the route.

One thing is certain, if you’re racing this year or aspire to, you should be working on your cars to get them ready to make the spectacular run from Maine to Florida. You won’t want to miss a single mile this summer. Veterans will tell you that having your competition car well sorted out and road tested makes a huge difference when the green flag drops and the competition begins.

Look for more updates from the road like the one below, as Jeff Stumb makes his way down the incredible east coast enroute to the Florida finish.

A Trial Run of the 2014 Great Race Route–Part 1

By Great Race
April 8, 2014


I just got to Maine for my last in person trip to each city before this summer’s Great Race. Almost all of the snow is gone and the locals have come out of their long hibernation. Everyone I meet here says it was the most brutal winter they can remember, but they are now looking forward to the start of the Great Race.
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Jerry Schmidt Documents his 2013 Great Race Experience

By Great Race
April 1, 2014


Editor’s Note: Jerry Schmidt participated in the 2013 Great Race in his 1968 Toronado with sons Joe and Sam, and Jerry wrote about their experience in the Toronado Owners Association magazine “Front Wheel Driver.” Below is the article.

I have been a lover of Oldsmobiles my entire driving life. At the age of 16, my second car, and first one that actually ran, was a then 23 year old emerald green 1953 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 4 door Sedan. We found it 30 miles from our home in Northern Michigan, and we purchased it for $300.00. I repaired it, painted it, and drove it all through high school. And yes, that included Northern Michigan winters, with a foot of snow stuck to it’s roof. A plug-in engine coolant pre-heater was the ticket on below zero mornings, and the car had great working heat. It sagged so much in the rear that the rear view mirror was almost useless, and the left rear door would not open. We called it “The Oldsmobubble”.

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Great Race Represented at the Chickasha Swap Meet

By Great Race
March 25, 2014


The Great Race was well represented at the Chickasha, Oklahoma Pre-War Swap meet last week as thousands gathered from around the world to buy and sell automobile cars and parts built prior to World War II.

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A Cool Picture from Corky Coker’s Archives

By Great Race
March 18, 2014


If you have been to a Coker Tire Challenge or the 2011 Great Race, when it started in Chattanooga, then maybe you recognize this car. It is a 1912 Nyberg owned by Coker founder, Harold Coker. This car is currently in the showroom of Coker Tire’s headquarters and the offices of the Great Race. Pictured are Great Racer John Coker, and Great Race owner Corky Coker. The short guy, Hardy “Pop” Coker was tall in the eyes of his two grandsons pictured here.

Great Race Grand Champion on Backroad Gold

By Great Race
March 14, 2014


For those of you watching closely to Wednesday night’s episode of Backroad Gold, you may have seen Greg Cunningham’s 1928 Ford Model A boattail speedster in the background with its #1 decal still displayed from the 2006 Great Race.

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100 Days Until the 2014 Great Race!

By Great Race
March 13, 2014


One hundred days. As hard as it is to believe, the start of the 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is 100 days away. Seems like just a few days ago Wayne Carini, host of Chasing Classic Cars and the grand marshal of the 2013 Great Race, was waving the green flag to start the event in St. Paul.

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