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October 9, 2015

X-Cup Need to Know

Complete X-Cup requirements can be found at Event Regulations:

The following are extracts of some particular requirements:
I.E.4. X-Cup teams are qualified high-school/college/youth-group teams. X-Cup competitors are eligible for X-Cup awards only.

The following persons may compete in the X-Cup:

a. X-Cup drivers: Each driver must be either at least 21 years old and less than 25 years old as of Stage 1; or an adult member of the team who is eligible for Sportsman Division (as defined in I.E.3) in Great Race Competition.

b. X-Cup navigators: Each X-Cup navigator must be a member of the high-school/college/youth-group team, and be younger than 22 years old as of Stage 1. [Great Race only]: Each X-Cup team must have 2 or more different navigators, each navigating a maximum of five stages.
Entry is made via the Registration Page, (see FAQ’s for special information on current X-Cup entry status).

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