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January 1, 2022

Great Race 2022 X-Cup UPDATE!!

The X-Cup Division of Great Race features High School and College age student Teams from across the Nation. Special financial support is available to qualified teams including $2500 Team Grants to help with necessary expenses (including fuel, food, etc.), Student Scholarships, and Educational Grants for Institutions represented by the Team winning the Team Choice Award. Entry Fees for qualified X-Cup Teams are also supported by generous donors. Joining forces for added student financial support is the RPM Foundation, well known for its nationwide efforts of advancing student careers in automotive restoration.
To help more young people become engaged in the culture and teamwork of the Great Race X-Cup Division, visit RPM’s giving page to contribute!

For additional details Download the 2022 X-Cup Brochure HERE:

Throughout the history of the Great Race, it has been a priority to encourage youth to participate, as a competitor or as part of the staff. Eventually, a special class was created for young automotive enthusiasts who wanted to pilot a vintage car in the Great Race. This division would become known as X- Cup.

Team work and dedication are key factors in Great Race competition, making this a truly "Bucket List" experience these students will long remember!

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