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Wrong-Way Menneto!

You may know the great aviation story about “Wrong Way Corrigan” who mistakenly flew from New York to Ireland when he was supposed to be flying to California … let me tell you about the Great Race legend “Wrong way Menneto”.  In 2005 we were Rookies with Jim Menneto (President/Publisher of Hemmings Motor News).   Our […]

After a couple of weeks of frustration, we finally began some calibration runs with the Packard today.  The frustration was caused by the installation by parties unknown years ago of jets that were way too large in the carburetor.  It sure does run better when the jets are the right size.  Also had trouble with […]

Well, That was fun!

I will never forget on the 2005 Great Race we were heading toward Clovis, New Mexico on the typical back roads (with no center line) when we encountered huge winds – then torrential rains and quarter size hail.  A number of cars pulled off the road, but since we were topless we chose to continue […]

If you use a scroll or roller board to mount your course instructions, you may choose to cut/tape/roll your own set of Course Instructions each morning before your departure time (using the course instructions provided), or, we will pre-roll them end-to-end for you. If we pre-roll them for you we will print and then trim […]

The 4-hour pre-race Warm-up Rally will start at noon on Friday, June 10. We recommend that racers arrive in Chattanooga on Wednesday or Thursday so that you can register and have your vehicle inspected on Thursday, to be ready for Rally School Friday morning and the Warm-up Rally Friday afternoon. The quick Warm-up Rally will […]

Schedule of Events

OVERNIGHT STOPS IN BOLD UPPER CASE; LUNCH STOPS IN UPPER CASE Note: Registration must be completed prior to Vehicle Inspection. Thursday, June 9, 2011: CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Breakfast Available, Marriott – 6:30 AM Breakfast Available, Staybridge Suites – 6:30 AM Entrant Registration, Basement Conference Room, Coker Tire Headquarters, Chattanooga – 9:00 AM-11:30 AM; 1:00-5:00 PM Vehicle […]

When Wes Kliner told me he wanted us to do a short Live Auction in conjunction with the 4th Annual “Auction for Autsim” I was a bit skeptical that we would get in many items worthy of such an event.  Then a couple days later I heard from Rookie Fred Duckloe of Frederick Duckloe & […]

Don Currie

Don Currie, a friend to many in Great Race. If you have been around the Great Race at all you probably remember Great Race Staffer, Don Currie. Don was the guy who always had a smile for you when we arrived into the next Great Race town, then asked politely how your day was in […]

The excitement is growing – – – 30 days from now we will be on our way to Chattanooga for the start of the Great Race! After reading the list of entrants it appears that we have a GREAT group of Great Racers for the event. It looks like it will be a very competitive […]

Can you imagine your Grandma driving topless for 1,500 miles across America?  That is just what I am going to do this June.  Yup, our ’31 Buick Racer has no top – none – zip – zero.  To the best of my knowledge I will be the first woman ever to drive a topless Racer […]

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