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The Great Race is coming up VERY soon, and we are VERY excited about it! We’ll be heading to Michigan in a couple of weeks, to prepare for the big event, and get all of our gear set up. We have a crew of folks who will be tackling this event and making sure everything is run properly, but we’ll also have a group that is devoted to documenting the Great Race, and providing updates along the way. Along the course of the event, expect to see hundreds of updates, including awesome photos and videos on the Great Race Facebook Page.

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2012 Event Dates on Facebook Calendar

We’ve been hard at work building a better Great Race event. 2011 was a fantastic way to kickoff the reinvigorated Great Race. In the last year we’ve added a YouTube Channel featuring video from the early Great Race televisions shows, frequently asked questions, tutorials and more. We have also injected a healthy dose of social media into the event. Both Twitter and Facebook accounts are alive and well, offering yet another way for fans and racers to come together around one of America’s greatest automotive events. (more…)

Old School On YouTube

Among the boxes of stylish T-shirts from Great Races past, we’ve stumbled onto video tapes from the original television shows of the early events. Many of you may know that television has always played a huge role in the race and we are keeping that tradition alive and well today. We’re throwing segments from the old shows out on YouTube so that newbies can use them as a history lesson of sorts and the old timers can look back on those great events. The old show are like a scrapbook of rallying history. Check out the old shows, tutorials and more on the official Great Race YouTube channel !

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