A Great Charity in Hilton Head, South Carolina

Hilton Head Heroes is an organization that brings families with children between the ages of 2 and 18, who are suffering with life threatening illnesses, to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina for a resort vacation. The organization has helped countless families, since it was formed in 1998 and we’re glad to help them raise money for the cause. Lennel Stroud and Mark Piekarski will be joining us for the 2014 Great Race in a Ford Model A roadster, and will have information about the organization and how you can help. Please visit http://hhheroes.com/great_race.htm to see how you can contribute.

The Hedke Family Returns to the Great Race

by Steve Hedke

We had both our best and worst days of Greatracing back to back in 2012. After winning the day outright with an :02 (:01.6 with factor, our best score ever), and an Ace on the first leg of the next day, our car was eliminated from further competition by a distracted local driver. We were not seriously hurt, and finished the race in a rental car. In 2013 Janet and I joined two other great teams so that we could still participate, but unfortunately not with each other, and Allison stayed home.
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2014 Rally Final Planning Underway

The Great Race makes it a point to rally drivers through some of the most interesting and challenging terrain our vast country has to offer and this year is no different. For 2014 the eastern seaboard plays host to thousands of miles of mountains, countryside, marshlands and coastal seascapes. Race Director Jeff Stumb is on the road this week and next sorting out some of the last details that make it possible to rally a hundred cars in and out of so many small towns along the route.

One thing is certain, if you’re racing this year or aspire to, you should be working on your cars to get them ready to make the spectacular run from Maine to Florida. You won’t want to miss a single mile this summer. Veterans will tell you that having your competition car well sorted out and road tested makes a huge difference when the green flag drops and the competition begins.

Look for more updates from the road like the one below, as Jeff Stumb makes his way down the incredible east coast enroute to the Florida finish.

Great Race Represented at the Lake Mirror Classic


Our good buddy, and mega Great Race supporter, Jim Menneto attended the Lake Mirror Classic with his 1932 Ford speedster last weekend. He is a regular at the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty, and he’s also the President of Hemmings, so we certainly appreciate everything he does for the Great Race. This week, he sent us a picture of his Speedster with our 2014 Great Race poster in clear view. We can’t wait to do the Maine to Florida route, and you can bet this blue roadster will be along for the ride!

Warm Up Rallying in Talladega

Talledega on track

Taylor Merrill of LaGrange, Georgia, and his trusty Model A roadster have seen tens of thousands of miles on the Great Race over the years. Taylor, a Dairy Queen franchise owner, does not compete every year, but in the last 10 to 12 years he has probably competed more than half a dozen times, most with his son Todd at his side navigating.

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Great Racers in the Sunshine State


Great Racers have been all over Florida in the last few weeks, including a group of Northeastern rally fanatics who were in the Sunshine State for Speed Weeks at Daytona. In the photo are Great Race veterans Peter Hersey, Steven Tourje and Bill Josler.


Making the Transition

Great Race sportsman team

This is what the Great Race is all about…moving up from class to class until you reach the top of the heap! Chad Nelson was one of the first X-Cup guys back in the day and even though his school is no longer involved in the event, he has continued to keep young people involved in building old cars and taking them on the race.
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Great Race is in the News!

1930-ford-speedster competes in Great Race

With all sorts of media attention, the 2012 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is off to a great start! We’re glad to see many of the teams get attention from local media during the preparation for the event, and here’s one of several that we’ve run across so far. The featured piece is about Lockport, New York residents, Doug Stolzenberg, Brent Powley, Keith Wallace and Rick McIntosh, who are tackling the Great Race in a 1930 Riley-Ford racer. The four-man team will share driving duties, and compete in the Sportsman division. Click HERE to read the article about their team, which ran in the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal!

Early’s Honey Stand enters Great Race!

Erskine Early used to transport honey from the hives to his roadside stand in a car similar to what current Early’s Honey Stand owner Curt Gibbs will be driving in the Great Race. Gibbs and his son, Curtis, will pilot a 1932 Ford Roadster around the Great Lakes.

1932 Ford Roadster Great Race competitor
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1916 Buick Speedster For Sale!

Is the Great Race on your bucket list but you don’t have an old car to participate in, well how about this 1916 Buick Speedster that Great Race veteran Bryan Dickson has for sale. And it’s a steal at only $15,000.

1916 Buick Speedster

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