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Coker Tire Challenge 2014 Recap

By Great Race
September 23, 2014

What a great weekend of rallying in the Southeast for the 9th annual Coker Tire Challenge. It’s hard to believe Corky Coker has been putting on this event for so long, but it’s been a great experience, and it provides a more laid back atmosphere than the hustle and thrash of the Great Race. Our buddies at Hemmings and Hagerty always join the fun, so it’s always nice to spend time with those folks. Check out our favorite photos from this year’s Coker Tire Challenge, and continue reading to see the final scores.

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The Coker Tire Challenge Begins!

By Great Race
September 18, 2014

With tech inspection out of the way, all of the racers are prepared for an awesome weekend of rallying at the Coker Tire Challenge in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We’re ready to rally on this beautiful weekend, and there are lots of great participants geared up for the event. Lots of Great Racers are on hand, but we also have a few rookies, as well as a group of racers from the SCCA on the roster. We’ll post a photo recap and scores when it’s all said and done. Until then, stay tuned to the Coker Tire Facebook page for real time photos, as well as the Coker Tire blog for daily photo recaps!

Cities Announced for the 2015 Great Race!

By Great Race
September 11, 2014

140902-GR-Rt66-with cities-Sept04
The Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty will travel historic Route 66 for its 2015 event, organizers have announced. The Great Race, the world’s premiere old car rally, will start in Kirkwood, Missouri, just outside of St. Louis and finish at the Santa Monica Pier in California.
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Awesome Great Race Coverage in Hemmings!

By Great Race
August 28, 2014

We hope everyone reading this are already subscribers to Hemmings Motor News. It’s the best car magazine out there, and we’re very excited to tell you guys that the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is featured on the cover of the October 2014 issue. Inside, there is a beautiful six-page article with great, in depth coverage of the event. Also featured in the issue is an advertisement for the 2015 Great Race, which will travel historic Route 66! Check it out!
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“A Word” from Humpy Wheeler About the Great Race

By Great Race
July 7, 2014

If you know legendary NASCAR promoter, Humpy Wheeler, then you know that just getting “a word” from him is not an option. This man has stories that reach WAY back into the heyday of NASCAR, and he’s been around racing all his life. It was truly a pleasure to have Mr. Humpy Wheeler participate in the 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty this year. After returning from the event, he sent his overview of the event…keep reading to check it out!
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Barry and Irene Jason Win Again!

By Great Race
June 30, 2014

That’s right, for the third year in a row, Barry and Irene Jason have WON the 2014 Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. They brought a new car to the event this year, but they undoubtedly had it dialed in before hand, as they nailed the very first day. They scored a perfect day on day one, but had a couple of rough days after that, which caused them to play catch-up all week. Jeff and Eric Fredette held the lead for most of the week, but the Jason’s came back on the last couple of days with awesome scores. As they rolled into The Villages, Florida for the Grand Finish, they were handed a big check, and during our awards banquet, they were handed a big bird…and lots of bragging rights. They also won the Eckler’s Ace award, which put a few more bucks in their pocket. Congrats to Barry and Irene Jason for being the 2014 Grand Champions! Click HERE to see the final scores!

Day 8–Georgia in the Rear View Mirror

By Great Race
June 28, 2014

We logged a bunch of miles today and covered a lot of territory on the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty. Our day started in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, where we were still buzzing from the awesome experience on the U.S.S. Yorktown the night before, but we knew it would be a tough day. Today’s route sent us through the back roads of Southeastern Georgia, where the roads are flat, straight and long. This makes for tough rallying, even though it might look easy. Our lunch stop was in historic downtown Savannah, Georgia, where the cobblestone streets were packed and we enjoyed a quick lunch before getting back on the road. Our final destination was Jacksonville, Florida, where we were greeted by lots of folks, some of which joined us for the start of the 2004 Great Race (our most recent visit to Jacksonville). It was an excellent day of rallying, and the challenging route made for a big shake-up in the scoring. Click here for scoring. Tomorrow is the final day of competition, so we’re gearing up for an amazing finish in The Villages!
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Day Two Offers More Great Rallying and Big Crowds

By Great Race
June 22, 2014

Day two of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty started off with a beautiful morning in Lowell, Massachusetts, and we went right into a tough day of rallying through lots of amazing New England scenery. The mountains are incredible, the air is clear and we’re enjoying every mile of it. We snaked our way into Bennington, Vermont for a lunch stop, which required crossing a few of those glorious mountains to get there. Bennington is the home of the Great Race title sponsor, Hemmings Motor News, so we thoroughly enjoyed our stop at Bennington Station. The Bennington Fire Department fed us well, and sent us down the road for more adventures. Keep reading to find out more about our day and see our photo highlights from the day’s rally! Click HERE for the story!

Action from the Road on Day One!

By Great Race
June 21, 2014

Typically, day one of the Hemmings Motor News Great Race presented by Hagerty is a tough one as far as logistics are concerned. Our Grand Start is a big ceremony that lasts about two hours, and by the time the last car passes through the green flag, the first car is getting close to the hosted lunch stop. After lunch, it calms down a little and we can get into full on rallying mode. Notice, we led off this story with the word typically…this year was a little different, in that the distance between the start and lunch stop was so close that it allowed for some great rallying in between. Take a look at some of our highlights from today’s on-road antics (some of which are pretty wild!), and stay tuned for our city stop highlights from Day One coming soon.

The Hagerty Trophy Run and Opening Banquet

By Great Race
June 20, 2014

What a day! We’re exhausted, but for all the right reasons. We started the day with an all-hands-on-deck meeting that went over some of the very important details of our journey. Then, it was time for Rally School, hosted by John Classen, the Rally Master. The meetings and school took place inside the beautiful Ogunquit Playhouse, where we saw George H.W. Bush yesterday. From there, it was time for the Hagerty Trophy Run, which is essentially a warm up rally to get ready for nine days of rallying fun. We saw some incredible scores, and the best score of the day came from a Sportsman team, which is extremely rare. After it all wrapped up we had a great Opening Banquet at the Beachmere Inn, which was fantastic. Great food, great company and a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean made for an awesome evening. Check out our favorite photos from the day, and stay tuned for LOTS of great action when the race officially kicks off tomorrow on Beach Street in Ogunquit!
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